Hydrangea watercolor painting original 5 x 7 Lime Green flower art, original hydrangeas painting, hydrangea watercolors, flower painting


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Hydrangeas watercolor painting original, 5 x 7, Lime Green flower art, hydrangea painting, original hydrangea watercolors, green flower painting
Hydrangeas watercolors paintings original, 5 x 7, Lime Green flower art

Who doesn’t love the beauty of hydrangeas? This stunning minimalist abstract painting is my interpretation of a hydrangea bouquet in a mix of yellows and lime green with a pop of darker green. Gorgeous in any room, especially a sun room, try mixing and matching with my other floral water color paintings for a unique display. Watercolor paper. 5” x 7”. Signed by artist, Sharon Foster. Handmade in the USA. (c) Sharon Foster 2015-2016


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